Radian Generation Announces New Engagement

Radian Generation Announces Engagement by Family Office

Radian Generation LLC (“RadianGEN”), a leading solar asset manager, has been engaged by a well-established family office based in the mid-west to build an asset-based, renewable energy investment strategy. The family office has made extensive investments in the commercial real estate sector and seeks to diversify its investment portfolio. RadianGEN will provide the family office with investment advisory services, asset optimization services, and financial asset management services for its future solar investments. RadianGEN will also evaluate the family office’s current real estate portfolio for ways to optimize its energy strategy.

“We are happy to use our sector knowledge and experience to enable this family office to access unique investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector,” said RadianGen’s CEO, Chad Sachs. “Our asset management services will improve the risk profile, efficiency, and returns of their current and future investments.”

The family office is a holding company of diverse businesses and investments with a central real estate focus.

RadianGEN is a leading solar asset manager, providing services for owners of solar projects including technical asset management services, financial asset management services, advisory diligence services, and work out services for underperforming solar assets.

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