QuietStream Lunch Buddies mentor at-risk students

A team from QuietStream Financial has been donating its lunch hour to care for and mentor children in a housing crisis.

Working with nonprofit A Child’s Place, the QuietStream Lunch Buddies are paired with children whose families find themselves staying in a local shelter, pay-by-the-week motel or at a friend’s house.

QuietStream associates stop for a photo after eating lunch with students at a nearby elementary school.

QuietStream associates stop for a photo after eating lunch with students at a nearby elementary school.

“I’ve spent my lunches with two third grade girls. It was humbling to be able to mentor these students. Their struggles made me realize all the things that I take for granted,” says Emily McGrane, QuietStream’s social media manager. “I will miss them over summer break, and I hope to see my students again next year.”

The volunteer opportunity was made possible by QuietStream’s second-quarter charity partner, A Child’s Place. A Child’s Place is a Charlotte nonprofit founded to serve students in in shelters or experiencing a family housing crisis. A Child’s Place mission is critical in our community. Students who are homeless are four times as likely to be sick than housed children, the nonprofit’s research states. On average, students experiencing homelessness are several grade levels behind their peers and twice as likely to repeat a grade. Even worse, the national graduation rate for children in this situation is less than 25 percent.

“I hope volunteering with my student will make him more likely to look forward to school,” QuietStream graphic designer Derrek Turner says. “If he stays in school and graduates, that’s worth infinitely more than my free time at lunch.”

The QuietStream employees will say goodbye to their students this week, as the school year comes to an end. Our employee volunteers look forward to returning again next year.

“It has been great having the QuietStream volunteers be a consistent presence for our students during a time of chaos for them,” A Child’s Place Philanthropy Associate Diosa Adams says. “We rely on assistance from corporate partners who are able to engage in our community.”

To learn more about A Child’s Place and how you can help mentor students in crisis, visit www.achildsplace.org.