QuietStream Financial’s Nikki Vasco to speak at SCI’s Marketplace Lending Securitization Seminar

QuietStream Financial executive Nikki Vasco will be a featured panelist at Structured Credit Investor’s Marketplace Lending Securitization Seminar. Vasco is a QuietStream managing director and the Chief Investment Officer of FullCapitalStack, QuietStream’s commercial real estate crowdfunding platform for institutional and accredited investors.

Nikki Baldonieri is a manging director at QuietStream Financial and the Chief Investment Officer at FullCapitalStack.

Nikki Vasco is a managing director at QuietStream Financial and the Chief Investment Officer at FullCapitalStack.

SCI’s Marketplace Lending Securitization Seminar, to be held June 25 in New York, will provide an in-depth examination of the burgeoning marketplace lending securitization landscape. Marketplace lending has grown rapidly with the success of peer-to-peer lending platforms, such as LendingClub and Prosper, among others, and created an emerging asset class for investors. Panel discussions at the upcoming seminar will focus on opportunities and challenges from the perspective of both aggregators/sponsors and investors. A sector outlook will also gauge prospects for growth and demand, as the asset class continues to evolve.

Vasco’s panel will discuss how marketplace lending has moved into areas such as commercial mortgages, residential mortgages and student loans. She will discuss how the asset class is likely to evolve going forward, how challenges such as asset aggregation and supply can be overcome, what role technology will play in the asset class and other related topics.

Vasco is an accomplished capital markets professional and sought-after speaker and thought leader. She has extensive experience in securitization and valuation of mortgage and asset-backed structures that includes everything from front-end asset pricing to back-end leverage optimization. Her career includes stints at EquiFirst, Bank of America and Wachovia Securities. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh.