EntityKeeper Offering 30-Day Trial for New Customers

EntityKeeper is a simple, cost-effective solution to entity management, enabling users to manage, maintain and visualize their legal entity information like never before – all for about the cost of a missed filing date.

EntityKeeper streamlines the entire entity management process, saving organizations valuable time and money. Its patent-pending asset visualization tool gives users a clear overview of their portfolio without requiring them to juggle multiple spreadsheets. The software tracks compliance due dates for each entity type and alerts users via automated email notifications to help prevent late fees or entity dissolution. EntityKeeper takes an innovative approach to managing data, making it easier than ever to collaborate and share information 24/7 from any device – and all critical data is stored safely with best-in-class security features to ensure peace of mind.

The entrepreneurs at QuietStream Financial, a company dedicated to real estate and financial services, experienced the challenges associated with managing complex portfolios and created EntityKeeper as a simple solution. Since its inception, the team has been able to effortlessly keep up with deadlines and generate accurate reports for tax and regulatory agencies.

“A single missed filing deadline can cost hundreds of dollars in penalties, so EntityKeeper can pay for itself with features like automated email alerts,” said John Hosmer, COO, QuietStream Financial. “We’re offering the free trial because we’re so sure this product will be beneficial.”

EntityKeeper is an effective solution for a variety of clients. From family offices to private equity firms, real estate investors to venture capitalists, EntityKeeper fulfills key entity management needs for organizations with a dozen to hundreds of legal entities to keep track of. After a quick sign up process, users can begin getting value out of EntityKeeper instantly.

The 30-day trial offer is available beginning August 19th and can be redeemed here: https://www.entitykeeper.com

About EntityKeeper
EntityKeeper is a cloud-based application that simplifies vast amounts of entity data for organizations of all sizes. It allows users to manage, maintain and visualize legal entity information, increasing company efficiency from top to bottom at a fraction of the cost of other legal management solutions.
For more information on EntityKeeper, visit http://www.entitykeeper.com

About QuietStream Financial
QuietStream Financial provides expertise in alternative asset management services and structured finance products for real estate borrowers, financial institutions and investors. They’ve built a portfolio of companies comprised of industry leaders that work seamlessly together to deliver excellence in the commercial real estate, renewable energy and finance spaces.

For more information on QuietStream Financial, visit https://www.quietstreamfinancial.com