Commercial Defeasance Helps Borrower Through First Defeasance

Helping a borrower through their first defeasance is always special for us.

No one had completed a defeasance when we started helping borrowers through the process back in 2000, so all we did for a while was help people through their first defeasance.  Now, over half our customers are borrowers we have worked with before – some returning for their second and third defeasance on the same property!  In just two weeks, we educated the customer on the process, got them comfortable with it, and closed their defeasance.

Commercial Defeasance


A week from now, they’ll be pleasantly surprised to receive their first Commercial Defeasance t-shirts and unbelievably delicious Schmerty’s Gourmet Cookies as a “thank you” for doing business with us.


For the loan details, please visit the full post over at Commercial Defeasance’s Blog.