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Interest rates: How many increases are on the way?

Yes, investors, interest rates will go up this year. Here’s the question we really want answered: Will two rate hikes happen before Christmas? Historically, multiple successive rate hikes have followed a period of prolonged low interest rates. This was the case at the conclusion of the low-rate periods of the early 1990s and mid 2000’s. […]

Massive tech disruption aims at commercial real estate

There can be no more excuses for falling behind the curve in adopting technology in commercial real estate. Ready or not, a major disruption is unfolding in our industry. It’s no secret CRE professionals have been lukewarm to new technologies. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is accelerating adoption quickly, which is why CRE is […]

Are You Ready for 204 Million New Investors?

By Robert J. Finlay — Chief Executive Officer We recently marked a historic moment in American business as new SEC rules adopted last March became effective. The new rules under Title IV of the JOBS Act lower barriers to raising equity capital for entrepreneurs and small companies by creating a simplified registration process for securities offerings […]

QuietStream Lunch Buddies mentor at-risk students

A team from QuietStream Financial has been donating its lunch hour to care for and mentor children in a housing crisis. Working with nonprofit A Child’s Place, the QuietStream Lunch Buddies are paired with children whose families find themselves staying in a local shelter, pay-by-the-week motel or at a friend’s house.

Did Forbes swing and miss on investing like the uber-rich?

I have always been fascinated by how the world’s wealthiest individuals invest and what we can learn from them. Recently, I flipped through some articles I’ve had filed away on the investing choices of the uber-wealthy. I found a Forbes story about how the richest people in the world have shifted their allocations. I read the […]